Electric trio of Kentucky teenagers with nothing to lose. Sounds like the wise old soul of the blues and the reckless youth of psychedelic rock. Members include Grant Curless (Guitar, Vocals, Keys), Wils Quinn (Drums, Vocals, Percussion), and Shawn Reynolds (Bass, Keys). The band is touring in support of their second release, the new LP, “Washed Up"

Johnny Conqueroo is a highly kinetic blues/psych-rock trio from Lexington, KY.  After releasing their first EP in 2015, the band’s raw sound and energy drew the attention of local and regional audiences, with selection to play several 2016 festivals (Moonshiners Ball, Beaux Arts Ball, Great Day, Moontower, Patchwork, SquallFest).  Momentum is climbing with their fan base growing and the reach of social media inspiring booking requests in new markets.

While 2016 was a watershed year for these dudes, it is important to look at the grassroots support and organic exposure from 2015, which pushed their EP towards the top of the regional charts in both air-play (WRFL College Radio) and record sales (Independently owned “CD-Central”), leading to a popular “WRFL-Live” performance on Thanksgiving eve.  As word spread, and EPs changed hands, eventually even R & R Hall of Famer Billy Gibbon’s took notice

Building on the momentum and grassroots support, Johnny Conqueroo released their genre bending LP “Washed Up” in December 2016, and is currently touring in support of “Washed Up”.

Quotes from Press:

“…The band members are naturals when it comes to delivering top-notch vivacious performances that have the essence of classic rock and classic punk era concerts. …” Lexington Herald Leader

“…these teenagers pack a punch like they’re a veteran touring rock band…”  Big Blue Tunes

” …I haven’t seen that many teenagers in authentic, united excitement over anything that wasn’t mass-market pop/rock slop in years. … ”  Young Mary’s Record (2016 “Bet The Farm” Predictions)

“… These lo-fi, deep blues jams are some of the catchiest, most aggressive, and most vibrant I have heard since the early White Stripes records …” For The Record

…surprising most of its audience with the bands’ average age and their impressive collective skill. They have a deep, primal sludge blues sound hearkening back to retro vinyls hidden in a dark corner of a dirty blues bar…”

“…the texture and distortion they’re picking up of their instruments in the recording (and even the warmth of the vocals) is what gives this EP the atmosphere it has, edging right up to the point of psychedelia and sometimes even stepping across the line…”  Iron Post Blog